After 74 Years Only the “Devil” Stands in Wisconsin’s Way


After 74 Years Only the “Devil” Stands in Wisconsin’s Way

~ Amy Lignor

Who the champions were of men’s college basketball is not exactly the headline one remembers from 1941. Although the headlines around the nation on this Easter morn are all about how the undefeated “Cinderella” team of Kentucky fell, Wisconsin – the winner that heads on to the national championship – should also be spoken about.

downloadWisconsin is about to meet up with Duke; a team that the experts have already called to win the whole thing. It’s odd, actually, when you look back through time, the only years Duke ever seems to be the “underdog” is when they come face to face with the CT Huskies (something they do not have to worry about this time around).


For Wisconsin, they walked into this game with a whole lot of past history on their minds, and stood up to slay the dragon. Kentucky had certainly given the NCAA it’s all this year, and even though they will not be the unbeatable, infallible team to remember, they will be able to hold their heads up high knowing they were absolutely fantastic to watch all year and gave their fans a thrilling moment in time.


In essence, when you get down to the nitty-gritty, it is more a Wisconsin event than an actual Kentucky defeat. Let’s face it, Wisconsin has been seething for a while now. The Badgers had faced a defeat of heartbreaking proportions only a year ago. The Wildcats had the fever and the passion; however, vengeance was what won out when it came to the end result last night.


Hopefully for Wisconsin fans, their team will remain focused on the big prize, and not celebrate too much that they have put Kentucky down when no one else did. They need that feeling of vengeance just one more time before they can brag, and everyone knows that Duke…the Blue Devil…will be more than ready to do to the Badgers what the Badgers just did to Kentucky.


Wisconsin wants this championship more than any other team this watcher has ever seen. It is not the fact that they faced the Wildcats walking into Lucas Oil Stadium standing at 38-0, nor was it the fact that everyone was rooting for the undefeated “Cinderella-looking” team. Wisconsin just paid attention at every turn, and in the last five minutes – when the game is at its most important – they made sure that even though they were behind at the start of the five, when the buzzer went off they were ahead, leaving Kentucky to deal with the smack in the gut they received.


There were Wildcats’ fans that were actually arrested after this one, which is too bad. There is no reason to put any black mark on Kentucky’s incredible run. The fans should feel triumphant either way. No, this is not one of those Oscar: “I was just happy to be nominated” things, I speak of. There really should be nothing happening in Kentucky but extreme pride for a showing that no other team this year can claim.


And Wisconsin can claim yet another…if possible. Although they made it to the Final Four in 2014, they will now head to the Big Dance with the Blue Devils after 74 – let me say it again – 74 YEARS. The last time Wisconsin Men’s basketball claimed a championship was 1941…and it certainly is time they did it again!


Can they stop the Devil? One can hope.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle