Automate Politicians – The Daily Scream

Automate Politicians – The Daily Scream


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream.


I saw a report that asked the question: Is it ok to cry at work…? I guess, right off the bat, it makes me think if you work at a factory that makes Kleenex … probably not, I mean if you’re a chronic crier .. like the Speaker of the House John Boehner you’d be using up all the profits. But then again, that brings the question to mind, HOW can you not cry at work if your job is in the government. I have often said, I am in the business of making people laugh, and our government is in the business of making us cry. But about this crying at work thing; Are we really becoming so insensitive that if someone cries at work we think they can’t do their job? If that is true, we’ve become way to robotic for me.. I just saw another study that said technology or robotics are passing the human being in the workforce. Our phones are taking over our minds and time, robots are taking our jobs, and the Human – in human being is being deprogrammed from us. If you really want to use this technology to it best abilities, use it in a place that desperately needs it, like  Washington DC. Automate Politicians. That way if a politician gets our of hand, you just reach in the back and pull the plug.
Like my dad used to say .. You want me to give you something to cry about … well, dad, I don’t need it… I work in political talk radio!


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