Fast-food, fast death… Oh my!


Fast-food, fast death… Oh my!
Witt of Will ~ The Daily Scream


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream, ahhh, here we go!


I was reading the newspaper today and apparently the fast food companies have figured out a new marketing gimmick, angle, scheme, idea to make their food more healthy.
Now, I’m not sure if their doing this because Americans have figured out that getting 20 burgers, 10 fries, and a gallon of Coke for 99 cents is too good to be true. OR, it’s because were the largest country in the world via body mass, but they’re changing.
Kraft mac and cheese said no more yellow and orange food coloring, gee; I’m gonna miss that one. Micky D’s said they are simplifying their chicken recipe by taking out something called Maltodextrin. Look, if you have something in your food that sounds like something you’d take if you were poised by that food, it shouldn’t be in the food.
Fast food folks have taken on the Pimp my ride philosophy. Add more and more, super size it, anything to make you feel like you are living the high life and a low price. But putting $5000 of accessories on a $500 car, only makes it look like a deal until you drive it.
Fast-food companies, if you want to increase your profits over time, keep your customers alive longer.


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Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle

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