Kayak Fishing on the Rise


Kayak Fishing on the Rise

More and more anglers are hitting the water in kayaks for bigger game — and money..


Kayaking has undergone a major change in the last few years. No longer is it just paddling around on the lake by grandpa’s log cabin or shooting down rapids like a lunatic. Today, kayak anglers are chasing everything from largemouth bass to blue marlin on fly, light and heavy tackle. They’re even getting in on the tournament scene, with a number of big-time events offering some serious cash and prizes. Kayak fishing posted a one-year growth rate of 28%, with 1.8 million fishermen accounting for over 39 million outings in 2014. That makes it the second-fastest-growing outdoor sport, just one percentage point behind stand-up paddleboarding.

Chad Hoover and Bass

Chad Hoover
and Bass

Chad Hoover is a former kayak fishing guide that turned his passion into his profession, hosting web-based and broadcast tv shows focusing on the sport. He told us cost, accessibility, and healthful activity are some of the forces driving anglers toward joining the “plastic navy”.

“Kayaks are significantly less expensive than traditional fishing boats to purchase and use. Manufacturers are competing for this new segment by building wider, more stable boats that have plenty of room for fishing gear and electronics”, said Hoover.

“Kayaking offers up a whole new world of accessibility to your local waterways, and to the best fishing holes. You’re no longer limited by boat ramp access, long lines and parking woes, you can have your kayak off the rack and in the water in just a few minutes. It’s also great exercise.”

When participation in a sport takes off, so does competition. Hoover is director of the highest-payout kayak fishing tournament in the world, the $20,000-dollar Kayak Bass Fishing Championship, scheduled for March 25, 2016. The event is sponsored by Torqeedo (www.torqeedo.com), a leading manufacturer of electric motors for kayaks and other watercraft, as well as a number of other manufacturers that are taking the rise of kayak fishing seriously. The first Kayak Bass Fishing Open — a qualifying event for the Championship – drew almost 200 anglers.

The host of the wildly-popular Internet-based series Kayak Bassin with Chad Hoover was recently named to direct

Chad Hoover Professional Angler

Chad Hoover
Professional Angler

the prostaff for Torqeedo. Hoover first got involved with the company while stationed in Stuttgart, Germany as a US naval officer.

“I was interested in getting involved because of my work with disabled veterans — people that could enjoy kayaking but may not be able to paddle long distances or at all.”

But it quickly became apparent to Hoover that the motors had wider applications for serious fishermen.

“Torqeedo has been my secret weapon for a long time,” says Hoover. “It helps me cover water and get to places I wouldn’t be able to explore without it.”

His engine of choice is the Torqeedo Ultralight 403. It’s compact, waterproof design and rechargeable power cell have proven an incredible addition to his angling arsenal.

“Until you use one, you really don’t understand it,” says Hoover. “I’ve never been a big troller, but Torqeedo is changing the way I think about my fishing.”

For more information or to view  Kayak Bassin with Chad Hoover, visit www.youtube.com/kayakbassinTV. Interested in learning more about or competing in the  Kayak Bass Open or Championship then head to www.kbfopen.com.


Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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