Lions, Tigers, and Twitter, OH MY!




Lions, Tigers, and Twitter, OH MY!



I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, Here we go!


So what kind of social humorist would I be if I didn’t chime in and talk about what’s on everyone’s lips aka their social media?


Today, we talk about Cecil and the dentist. Which sounds more like a kids book title than the top viral trending, horrific issue, that is now being used as a wedge or should I say CROWBAR into so many other issues.


By the way, I am in no way defending this Dentist from Minnesota, what he did was wrong.  I believe and have many hunter friends, that feel the same way. If you can not use the animal you hunt, then you might just that type of person that does not find winning important, but the shiny trophy as the real prize.But, I will make this one comment about this hunter. He says that he did not know this lion was everyone, friend.


Sir, even if this animal was the town drunk, If you pay $50,000 to hunt something, most likely you had this lion by the tail for some time. But the law would determine that, or, is it too late. Here’s the real deal folks; social media is now the New Sherriff in town. It’s the long arm of the law or the two thumbs, trail and sentencing system in one. Right or wrong, someone is gonna hang! And that’s the problem. Within moments of this lion king’s last breath, social media got to work. It uncovered, discredited and dismantled any hopes of a normal life for this Dentist from Minnesota. Within the next day, his phone numbers, wifes’ info & passport number was there, online for all to see.


Social media has become the, watch your step and have a nice day of our lives. The odd thing is, you may not even be wrong, just interesting for the day. So watch your back folks or someone will.


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