Make the Leap to Crossbows


Make the Leap to Crossbows

by Ted Lund

Across the country, outdoorsmen are getting geared up for the start of archery season. Many are combining the thrill of traditional bowhunting with the accuracy, lethality and reliability of firearms and transitioning to crossbows.

“It is like the best of both worlds,” says avid archer-turned-crossbow enthusiast, Jim Ross. “The accuracy, reliability and stealth are unparalleled.”

Like others, Ross started hunting with traditional firearms like shotguns and rifles. But eventually, the avid Central Florida outdoorsman graduated to a more challenging world — compound bows.

Legend_UltraLite_AD_950x650Crossbows were the next logical evolution.

“I saw it was a combination all the things that make gun hunting fun and the aspects of bow hunting that make it so addictive,” says Ross.

This season, avid hunters looking to expand their horizons have a wealth of options. One great bow setup to get into the sport is the new Legend Ultra Lite from Horton Crossbow Innovations.

The Legend Ultra Lite combines Horton’s legendary performance in an ultra-lightweight, complete package with the stopping power to drop big game in its tracks — thanks to its 175-pound bow assembly powered by 13-inch HL Limbs. Featuring a lightweight carbon injected polymer barrel built on Horton’s new ABX (Adjustable Bullpup Crossbow) Stock, the bow offers personalized comfort and ease of handling in close quarters.

The perfect choice to make the leap to crossbow hunting, the Legend Ultra Lite package comes complete with a Horton 4×32 multi-line scope, a Horton 3-Arrow Quiver (with ambidextrous side-mount bracket) and three carbon arrows. Archer’s have the choice of building the bow built with or without the patented ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanism.

It’s the complete package, in one performance-packed, affordable setup.

Horton Crossbow Innovations manufactures quality crossbows and accessories, made in the USA, and designed for optimum fit, form, and function.  The company’s long-term objective is to produce highly effective, reliable and affordable designs broadly accepted by hunters and recreational shooters of all age groups, physical abilities, and genders. For more information or to locate a dealer near you, visit or follow them on Facebook and Youtube.


Original Source; Sportsmans

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