“My Kiss Won’t Miss” is a New Children’s Tale that Brings Back Beauty & Fun


“My Kiss Won’t Miss” is a New Children’s Tale that Brings Back Beauty & Fun

Book Review by Amy Lignor

“My KLesley Dahlseng, Mirela Tufan, children's books, mother's love, sweet dreams, book review by Amy Lignoriss Won’t Miss” is a New Children’s Tale that Brings Back Beauty & Fun Book Review by Amy Lignor

Written by Lesley Dahlseng and illustrated by Mirela Tufan, this tale is one of those rare books that will appear on parents’ shelves all over the globe. There are very few titles that parents can recite off the top of their heads (example: Goodnight Moon), and “My Kiss Won’t Miss” now joins those elite titles as being a ‘must-have’ and a ‘must-read’ for children everywhere.


In this journey, the spotlight shines on the absolute, unconditional love a mother has for her child. This begins with an evening like all moms can attest to having, where a child simply does not want to go to sleep, and to avoid the process of bedtime, finds hiding places in order to stay up longer. In this tale, Mom delivers a promise to the child that if she can’t reach her son to give him a kiss (because he’s hiding), then she will blow a kiss that will find him no matter where he happens to be. In other words, her love will NEVER miss.


From beds of flowers to haystacks (that are stunningly illustrated, by the way), the mother’s kiss blows like a soft breeze through every page, following the little boy through his adventures. But it’s not only the boy’s own realm that is shown, the adventures continue throughout the boy’s dreams where the reader meets up with other children resting in peaceful locations around the world. From the warm desert to the big, blue ocean where a shell is the bed of choice, Mom’s softly colored kiss always and forever moves forward across each page, proving that Mom will never give up.


The book also involves yet another special, unconditional kiss that is sent down to the sleeping boy from far above in Heaven. It is that never-ending kiss that is granted from the Lord who created and watches over each child resting in every beautiful location across the mighty universe.


Yes, this is a simple tale, yet a timeless one. And if there is one thing children need in this society today, it is to own the knowledge that they are never alone; that the kiss of kindness and love from the people and Lord who watches over them, is always there no matter what life brings. The illustrations are truly magical, and the brightness of the colors and sweet-looking characters will have kids shouting for THIS to be the tale told every night…before heading off to sleep to have their own adventures.


Source:  Baret News Wire

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