NFL: Thus Far in Preseason


NFL: Thus Far in Preseason

~ by Amy Lignor


Thus far, most football fans can agree that the NFL preseason has run along the lines of a popular children’s song: “This is the song that never ends.”


NFL Football, preseason, Tom Brady, Johnny Football, WR Kelvin Benjamin, Miami Dolphins, Mannings, deflated footballsThis is best highlighted when speaking about Tom Brady, whose eternal courtroom battle over deflated balls seems to never want to come to a close. The judge gave them even MORE time this past week to come to a conclusion (which the NFL nor Brady is going to do), OR yet again, they will be back in court August 31st. Both need to attend this one and, supposedly, they will have an agreement by then. Will they? Most likely not. And if that occurs the judge will finally have to say what’s supposed to occur by September 4th. Nothing like waiting until the proverbial wire to move on with something this unbelievably dumb. In fact, the only thing that’s come out of the case that fans are enjoying is the artist who did a courtroom drawing of the highly handsome Brady, making him a mirror image of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Oh, yeah, the game of football hasn’t exactly been all that fun to watch either. Yes, there are surprises, such as Johnny Football rising from the past (guys, he only had one bad year. It was his first year, I agree, but it’s only one bad checkmark in the record books – not five or seven like some other QB’s that can be mentioned). Move on. But there was also the man with the inability to smile – AKA: Jay Cutler, QB for the Chicago Bears – who all of a sudden broke into one right in front of the media last week. Talk about a miracle. Seems that Cutler is either happy to be a part of the NFL this time out or…he knows his game is up unless he puts on the costume of a QB who likes the game.


A whack upside the head comes directly to the Carolina Panthers with WR Kelvin Benjamin out for the season with a torn ACL. Can they do anything without this guy who they were seemingly wrapping their offense around? Not a chance. He was what they had to have to make a splash. Benjamin had the best rookie year in 2014, now, the bottom rung is what the Panthers will see.


The Miami Dolphins seem to have the most talented roster. Hmmm. Not much to say about that one until the real games begin.


The Manning boys? They haven’t showed all that much in the preseason. Eli cannot seem to hook up with the people he wants to down the field. And, yes, he does want more cash coming up. But with the play he’s shown in preseason, he will have to show far more positives to get what he’s looking for. He is most definitely in the “What have you done for me lately?” category. Now, he has the two rings, I grant you, but perhaps that’s all she wrote. Flip side: NY Giants have no one else and Eli – no matter what pressure he is under – remains cool on the field. Right now it feels a little like he has some cards hidden up his sleeve that he’s just waiting to play when the real season gets underway.


Older, more-famous bro, Peyton, in four tries during the Broncos preseason match-up on Saturday, didn’t score and most certainly did not bring about the normal feeling that his abilities would make the Broncos a virtual shoe-in this time out.


Jets took a punch in the mouth, not just Geno. This is a QB riddle that cannot be solved. Fitzpatrick is in until Geno’s face heals and…well, come on, if preseason tells us anything it’s that the Jets are still not contenders.


In conclusion, what would a week of preseason be without, you got it, a fight. Dallas versus Oakland, where a rookie (who still has no job as of yet) sucker-punched one of Dallas’s stars. Of course, most players would note that if you are about to run into a football fray, wearing a helmet would actually be a good thing to consider. If this shows the choices the Cowboys will make this coming season, Jerry Jones is going to watch this one play out with his head hanging low and his face a tad red.


Fans say…bring on the real season that counts. After all, this ‘song that never ends’ with its fights, yelling about money and, God help us, those deflated footballs, has brought football to a new low. Yup. It’s starting to get as boring as cricket.

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Source:  Baret News