Point of Aim: Size Matters


Point of Aim: Size Matters

by Joe Byers

Scott Ellis takes his hunting adventures serious and being on target spells theGeorgia Eastern

difference between success and failure. Ellis states, “When hunting turkeys and

whitetail deer, having a definitive aiming point is critical,” and as a Prostaff

member, he puts TRUGLO’s sighting systems to the test on the ground and from a


A two time Grand National turkey calling champion, he completed his first single

season Grand Slam and cumulative third Grand Slam of wild turkeys and several



TRUGLO® products played a significant role in his success. As the Prostaff

Manager for WoodHaven Custom Calls and a member of Mossy Oak’s National

Prostaff, you’d expect that he “talks turkey” with the best of them, yet he states

“just because a gobbler is in range, doesn’t mean it can’t be missed.”

“I shoot the TRITON™ 28MM TRI•COLOR RED•DOT and love it,” he says. “I’m

one of those guys that believes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and not someone who

tries every new gadget that comes along.” “However, the tri-color dot optics

have proven themselves time and time again, proving to be invaluable in my

quest of the single season Grand Slam. Also, at 30 yards the sight is parallax free,

so wherever the dot shows in the sight, the pattern finds its mark.”

He began in Florida with an Osceola in mid-March at Florida Outdoor ExperienceFlorida Osciola

in Chiefland, where mornings were really dark in the dense canopied oak

hammocks of central Florida. The red dot shows up extremely well in those low

light conditions. He scored in Georgia with an Eastern and then moved on to

Nebraska and Texas for the Merriam’s and Rio, respectively. The green dot

provided a stark contrast with the neutral, beige dominate backdrops in the open

terrain of the mid-west. Additionally, Ellis is a big fan of the 2.5 MOA dot, a

feature found on the TRITON™. The fine sight picture acquired with the smaller

reticle allows for a larger margin of error, even if your aim is not perfect.

When hunting the wide-open spaces of Texas and Nebraska, he also commented

on the performance of the TRU•BRITE™ OPEN-BRIDGE BINOCULARS that are as

crisp and clear as any he’s used. Once on a hunt many years ago, he spotted a

flock of turkeys half a mile in the distance and finally worked himself within range

only to identify that the flock was all hens. “I learned that day the importance of

quality optics and love the TRU•BRITE™ binos for clarity, size, and weight.

Identifying game from long distances can save you valuable time on your hunt.”

Scott Ellis w 147 Illinois whitetailEllis, an avid archery whitetail hunter, also chooses TRUGLO® bow sights to aid his

success. “Never knowing when a longer shot will present itself, I practice out to

60-70 yards. At those distances, pin size is very important. I love the RIVAL™

HUNTER with the DDP™ (Decreasing Diameter Pin) Technology. This feature

enables longer range pins to decrease in diameter, again creating a finer sight

picture” “Just as with the brightness control on the reticle of my TRITON™ turkey

scope, the rheostat on my RIVAL™ HUNTER bow sight will seal the deal in low

light conditions. With any normal lighted bow sight, the uncontrolled brightness

can blow out the sight picture, thus hindering the ability to make a good shot on

your quarry. The rheostat controlled light on the RIVAL™ HUNTER allows me to

regulate the illumination of the pin for optimal sighting. Low light conditions

demand a very delicate balance of pin brightness versus ambient lighting. Size

matters at point of aim and smaller is better.

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Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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