Robots are taking our jobs, & will take less than minimum wage!


Robots are taking our jobs, & will take less than minimum wage!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream, AHHHH, Here we go!

So here’s the headline: Police foil $100,000 criminal ‘mastermind’ Lego shoplifting ring. Folks, this is not just the US crime, no, they even busted criminals in Australia for lifting as much as 23,000 American dollars worth of Lego sets. In Phoenix they had a bust of $200,000 of lego sets, WOW!

Now, I could understand if there was a Monopoly or Game of Life criminal ring. Because they have play money in them, and I’m pretty sure that money is worth more than the American dollar. But logo sets?
I mean where do you tuck $200,000 worth of Legos, don’t answer that.

Then, I saw the prices on some of these Lego sets;
A model of the Sydney Opera House retails at $319.99. A Star Wars- Death Star costs $399.99. Lego, I think you’re due for a name change. Not Lego, how about ARM & Lego!

If you’re going to charge that much for your product, how about funding our crumbling roads and bridges program. We could use a little color on the streets of America. Or take over the work on the capital in WASHINGTON DC. You could make it look fun and colorful. Plus, it would be a nice change, instead of us Americans laughing at what on the inside of the capital, we could chuckle at the outside.

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