Style Changes Have Elvis Showing Up Once Again

Style Changes Have Elvis Showing Up Once Again

~ Cindy Haynes


It is essentially and historically true that a particular fashion and/or style stays in the popular culture for ten year spurts before going on to a new, fresh look. Of course lately, when it comes to everything from
clothes to hairstyles to actual furnishings for the home, the 1950’s are coming out of the woodwork yet again, just as they did back in the 1980’s.
images (5)Whether speaking to a scientist, fashion designer, or looking up and down your own neighborhood streets, you will see that the 50’s are intruding. It is almost as if the world can’t seem to get enough of this time period. Perhaps it’s because it was one of the few eras that spoke of playfulness, and was the only one that understood the real meaning of the word ‘cool’.


Even though books and movies focus on the supernatural – or concentrate on a future where humans can own a robot that does everything for them in their household (a significant jump up from a boring old toaster) – the lifestyle of the 50’s beats these futuristic gadgets when it comes to the current cultural landscape. A strange thought considering this is also the time of computers and cell phones and non-stop technology.


But in just one weekend of tag saleing (something else everyone seems to still love) you can stumble across records, record players, horn-rimmed glasses, fluffy skirts – a little bit of everything that dates back to the 50’s. There is even a new influx of retro stores. Most say that the new excitement stems from the sudden growth of car restoration, as well as shows like American Pickers, that are proving that old things are actually the ‘freshest’ things you can buy.


Now, it is important to note that in 2015 there is a slight change to the 50’s. In other words, the styles are there but are worn a bit differently nowadays. Poodle skirts are cute, but it is the pencil skirts that show the sleek form that are making the largest comeback. Side burns may not repeat, but sleeveless shirts are back for the men and leather jackets (well, let’s face it on this one, those are a piece of fashion that never went out of style). But bright red lipstick is a solid choice for the make-up department now, with sales (noted by many cosmetic firms) to be skyrocketing. Along with the red/auburn hair color. Even my own daughter is buying head bands at the new 50’s shop in town, bringing back the soft curls and ponytails that were so sheik at one time.


Rockabilly, The 50's, fashion, style, American PickersThe 50’s and the futuristic are not fighting, mind you; they are actually joining together quite easily. When people talk about taking their own shuttle into space one day and starting a whole new colony up there, they simply want to be retro in their state of dress.


“Rockabilly” is one of those movements that has happened before, as I stated, but now the classic, clean lines, as well as colorful, bright furnishings for the home, are being hunted and snapped up by consumers. Perhaps it is a calming feeling to have that authentic touch that has been missing since ‘retro’ first hit the scene in 1980, before fading when the 90’s began.


In other words, do not be surprised if the big boys such as, Walmart, Target, etc., end up re-instituting some slicker, more classic designs for you, your young adults, and even your own home. And never miss those thrift stores and tag sales being held up and down the roads on a weekend. You never know what treasure will be found. ‘Cool’ has been gone too long. It’s nice to see it coming back.


Source:  Baret News Wire

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