The Pharoah Retires Atop His Throne


The Pharoah Retires Atop His Throne

By Amy Lignor


There are many names that remain in the hearts of Americans. From Secretariat to Seabiscuit, there have been those “elite” names that have touched the world. Some won the Triple Crown, others just had a backstory so interesting that many bestselling authors attempted to bring them to bookshelves. Movies have been made. Bets have been made…and won.


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American Pharoah after winning the 2015 Preakness Stakes

This weekend at the Breeders’ Cup one of those most “elite” was cheered for, as he easily won the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic by 6 ½ lengths, leaving all others behind in his dust right out of the gate.


American Pharoah is a stunning 3-year-old colt and one of the most beloved horses by fans everywhere. A true superstar, the Pharoah ran the race in a new track-record of 2:00:07, putting this amazing time into the books and setting a new challenge for any horse that comes behind him. 50,000 plus, twenty deep against the rail, were snapping pictures as if George Clooney, himself, was racing down the track in a tuxedo waving to the crowd. The horse, of course, was not able to hear the shouts of joy and encouragement because American Pharoah, as always, had his earplugs in to (they say) muffle any sounds that could startle him. Perhaps, this superstar is just listening to his favorite tunes, seeing as that he looks almost relaxed compared to the others who are struggling to catch up to him.


And the ones behind were not just no-names. American Pharoah left seven rivals in his wake. Yes, champion mare, Beholder, did have to drop out before the race because of a lung ailment that hit her on Thursday. But even if you are a Beholder fan and believe that Pharoah would not have claimed victory if she’d been in the hunt for the prize…it just doesn’t matter.


American Pharoah retires with a thrilling record. Since he first began his startling career, this horse has won nine of his eleven career starts. Above all, the most impressive came this past spring when he completely swept the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont—a feat that has not been done in thirty-seven years. Not only did he win each of them, he won them somewhat easily. The Derby was the closest challenge; American Pharoah won by a length. The Preakness was won in seven lengths (even though the track was in horrible shape); before he took on the Belmont challenge winning by 5 ½ lengths – proving his dominance above all.


It is a fan heartbreak to see American Pharoah turn away from the track. This is a horse that will continue to be loved and talked about for a good long time to come. In the end, however, he pulled the sport back up, out of controversy and into the beauty and class that horseracing once was. We bow to American Pharoah. It was a thrill to see the absolute “best of the best” go out high atop his throne as…The King of the World!


Source:  Baret News