The Presidents’ plan for Park Place housing for the poor?

The Presidents’ plan for Park Place housing for the poor?
I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go!

Now I have always told folks that I stand in the middle of politics, and the reason being is it allows me to listen with both ears the right and the left. It also tends to keep me from not becoming blind to an issue as well.

Here is the issue, President Obama is putting forth a plan that puts affordable housing, HUD, in the richer areas and in the hands of the not so rich. Correct me if I am wrong; politicians during elections (which were in) constantly spending billions of dollars trying to convince Americans they are just like us. How is it a program like this during an election season wouldn’t be as popular as reality TV? I mean, come on, this reality TV at it’s best. If you politicians want to spend your campaign money and get the best bang for your buck. Create a TV show where you move lower income families, or otherwise know you landscapers onto the PARK PLACE properties. Then have a town hall meeting, now thats good TV!

But listen, from what I understand, this Hud program is merely a suggestion from the government. And all they’re saying is; Hey, need a little money to even out that game of Monopoly in your community, let us help. Some call this socialism, I call it options. People don’t decide to become or stay poor. For the same reason, Rich or Poor, if you want a better quality of life, we have to lend a helping hand, not extend a slapping hand.

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