The Ridiculous Rules & Regs of Football


The Ridiculous Rules & Regs of Football

~ Amy Lignor

Once upon a time…there was a sport called football. Rugby was where it all began, but when the sport appeared in America, the game became the one and only sport that everyone seemed to want to watch. On November 6, 1869, Rutgers played Princeton. 25 players on each side, used a round ball that could not be picked up or carried; just kicked or batted with the feet, hands, head or sides. But ever so slowly words like; punt, scrum,
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tackle, field goal, came to be. Then the player positions of QB, RB, and more appeared in our social conscious. The defense was created; an offense to battle them. Small helmets that barely would stop a concussion from a run-in with a big bumblebee on the field covered the heads of players…with absolutely no worries or battles about what would happen if they got hit too hard. There was a time, even, when players were knocked right out on the gridiron and when they awoke received a pat on the back for being so tough.


The game has certainly evolved. And the extra rules regarding concussions over time have certainly bettered the game. However…there are some rules that have slowly made the gridiron a bit ridiculous. And the more seasons pass, the more meetings that are held discussing even more dumb rules that are not needed, are continuing to make the sport look as if it’s evolving in the wrong direction.


Don’t believe me? In 1998, tinted visors were banned. With the problems and fears in the land, tinted visors seemed like the least of them. But the NFL loves those headlines. Back then certain players who needed tinted/mirrored visors because of medical conditions were still allowed the privilege, but the super-cool look that many wanted to keep was out.


In 2006, the rule came about that a defensive player would be penalized if they hit a QB below the knee. The QB received added protection, making the game even more boring for the fan. But, of course, made the QB’s chances at getting massive advertising deals far better.


There have been so many, but most all will agree that the absolute worst and dumbest rule ever instituted by the NFL came just recently. It was in 2013 when they banned the Touchdown Celebration. Hello? That was the best part of the game for the fan and the player. This is the rule that brought about the stigma of the NFL standing for the “No Fun League,” and even though it’s in place, thankfully there are still Green Bay players taking that special ‘leap.’


Now we come to 2015 and there are even more rules being thrown around in conversation. Some of these rules are absolutely ridiculous – as dumb or dumber – than banning a TD celebration. There is talk about allowing bonus points? Come on. An instant-replay system expansion. Why not just add the damn cameras within the goal? A 14-team postseason field – there are all kinds of silly little snippets out there, and hopefully when the proverbial ‘committee’ comes together in Phoenix next week, they won’t be passing anything else that turns the most-watched and most-popular sport into something that will end up rating below foosball tournaments.


What is on the table next week is supposedly the addressing of more off-field guidelines. Not a shock, considering the NFL had domestic abuse headlines that did not exactly shine favor on the game or the players. We’re not even going to go near the financial issue. These are people who, yes, put themselves in harm’s way. However, with all the new rules, they may just end up going back to a game where flags were pulled to stop the play and football will become a non-contact sport. If that occurs, I would hopefully assume the gazillion-dollar contracts for players out there would no longer be offered.


Yes…once upon a time there was the game of football. And although the stadiums are bigger and far more luxurious; the players are bigger names that fans know and cheer even more loudly for; and the seasons bring about a very cool vibe of being able to enjoy the most beloved sport in the country…the way this evolution is headed will not bring about a happy ending for any of us.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle