This All-In-One Bowhunting Sight Has Earned Its “Attitude”


This All-In-One Bowhunting Sight Has Earned Its “Attitude”

by Rob Reaser


Selecting the right bowhunting gear for your particular needs and shooting style is often an exercise in compromise—you need a piece of equipment to do “this,” yet you must give up a little of “that” to make it happen.

Occasionally, a product comes along that solves a multitude of problems without demanding such sacrifices. The all-new APEX GEAR™ ATTITUDE™ with the OPTI•CHOICE™ PIN SELECTOR system is one such item. You can think of this as the multi-tool of the hunting bow sight world because this device addresses practically every “I wish” you encounter in the field. Best of all, it comes at a price point that belies its quality construction and diverse features.


The Pin is In

AG4815BKSVeteran and beginner bowhunters alike have, at some point, suffered from the I-used-the-wrong-pin-itis. You’ve ranged for a 30-yard shot, but in the heat of battle your mind and muscles go into autopilot mode. Without thinking, you settle your 20-yard pin on the boilermaker and release. The arrow zips underneath the brisket and the big one leaves the scene before you can even think about kicking yourself.

This can happen to the best of us when our nerves are wound tight and the pressure is on. Here is where the ATTITUDE™’s OPTI•CHOICE™ PIN SELECTOR shines…literally. With a simple turn of the pin selector knob, you can illuminate the exact pin you want to use prior to making the shot, and it takes no more time than adjusting a slider sight. In our 30-yard shot scenario, by illuminating only the 30-yard pin, you have eliminated the possibility of accidently using the wrong pin.

Another advantage to selectively lighting individual pins is minimizing or eliminating pin-gapping. Pin-gapping is when you must aim in-between pins for off-point-of-impact yardages. This is where a lot of pin mix-up can occur because instead of concentrating on one pin, you now have two pins in your zone of concentration. With a single lighted pin to work with, it’s much easier to adjust your off-yardage hold-over or hold-under. In essence, the bowhunter’s bane of pin-gap sighting is no more—and that’s a big asset when the adrenaline is flowing.


Make the Light Just Right

As if selective pin illumination wasn’t enough, the ATTITUDE™’s OPTI-CHOICE™ PIN SELECTOR system offers three adjustable light level settings for each pin. In addition to the fiber-optic’s ambient light-gathering (“OFF” position), by pushing the switch “ON” using the OPTI•CHOICE™ PIN SELECTOR, you can choose the selected pin’s illumination: low, medium, or high. For example, if you’re about to take a 40-yard shot on a mulie in open, bright sunlight, you can set the illumination on your 40-yard pin to “high” so that the pin will clearly stand out. Or perhaps you are in the deep whitetail woods at dusk and only need to give your 30-yard pin a little kick. In that case, switching to low or medium light intensity will be all you need to provide a confusion-free sight picture.


Mastering the Geometry

AG4815BKS - Shooters View

Increasingly, the importance of axial control of a bow sight is spreading across the bowhunting ranks. Serious archers know that good sight set-up is more than aligning your sight to your bow’s shot center—you need to ensure that all three axis are correctly dialed in. The ATTITUDE™’s lightweight and precision-machined aluminum construction guarantees first-axis alignment by default, while the bubble level on the bottom of the sight hood (aperture) lets you keep your second- and third-axis properly oriented. What’s great about the ATTITUDE™ sight is that both the second and third axis are adjustable (another feature you don’t typically see in hunting bow sights at this price point). Of the two axis, it is the third-axis adjustability that is really important to those who bowhunt from treestands, or who may shoot long distances at extreme up or down angles (like you sometimes encounter in the western states). APEX GEAR™ calls this feature the GRAVITY•LINE™.

When shooting on-the-level with your bow perpendicular to the horizon (second axis, as indicated by the bubble level), all is fine and dandy. The third axis doesn’t really factor in; however, when you shoot at an extreme up or downward angle, the third axis (the horizontal pivot of the sight toward or away from you) demands attention. If it is off, you will shoot left or right of your intended point-of-impact should you keep your sight bubble in the middle (which, of course, you will naturally do). This problem also occurs if you like to shoot with a cant to your bow.

Whatever the case, GRAVITY•LINE™ allows you to adjust the sight housing’s second- and third-axis so that whether you shoot down from a treestand, up against a hillside, or if you prefer a natural cant to your bow, you can be confident that your shots will be spot-on.


Hair-Splitting Adjustment

The ATTITUDE™ sight comes with five .019-inch diameter pins that allow for standard Allen wrench adjustment. But when “standard” just isn’t enough and you want precise, on-the-fly tuning, simply reach for the ATTITUDE™’s micro-adjust windage and elevation knobs. The elevation and pin adjustments are conveniently marked, and you can easily reverse the bracket if you need to increase your vertical adjustment. Speaking of reversible, this sight is adjustable for either right- or left-hand shooters.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, finding one piece of equipment that solves several problems simultaneously often involves compromises that prevent the product from excelling at any one function. In the make-or-break world of bowhunting, “compromise” is not part of our language—“confidence” is. Whether you’re shooting at that trophy buck from 20-feet up, 50 yards out, or at the gloomy break of dawn, APEX GEAR™’s new ATTITUDE™ sight with the OPTI•CHOICE™ PIN SELECTOR delivers the correct-pin confidence you’ve been asking for…every time.


Original Source; Sportsmans

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