TickEase Unveils New Global Tick Portal


TickEase Unveils New Global Tick Portal

by Ted Lund


TickEase, the world’s leader in tick education and prevention, has unveiled a new website that has quickly become one of the Internet’s premier portals for information on preventing tick-borne diseases, tick removal and education about ticks, their lifecycles and the potential for them to spread different disease causing pathogens.



The key focus of TickEase.com is to educate visitors about the three key concepts in preventing tick-borne disease: prevention, effective removal and early removal. All three are laid out and discussed. They also center on TickEase’s revolutionary dual-purpose tick-removal tool, also available for purchase from the site.

But there’s more to TickEase.com than just e-commerce. You can learn why TickEase is the most effective tick-removal tool on the market, effective at safely and consistently removing even the smallest nymphal ticks from humans to fully-engorged ticks on pets.

“This is most of my knowledge about ticks, tick-prevention and tick-borne diseases consolidated into one easy-to-use, approachable website,” says TickEase founder and tick-prevention specialist Dan Wolff. “There’s a lot of disinformation out there about ticks and their control and removal, and we want to help dispel those and educate people so they can enjoy the outdoors themselves or with their pets without added worry from ticks.”

Highlighting the lifecycle and habits of ticks are key points in education about ticks.

“Most people think ticks are a kind of insect, but they’re not,” says Wolff. “Technically, they’re classified as arthropods and, more specifically, as acarines, which place them in the same group of “bugs” as spiders and mites. Practically, however, what really defines ticks is that blood is all they feed on.”

One special feature about ticks is that most typically stay attached to a host for days or a week to complete feeding (in contrast, mosquitoes are quick-TickEase 3in, quick-out blood feeders). They can also carry a wide variety of disease-causing germs, and they transmit these agents while feeding on blood.

During the past several years, Wolff says tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease have become the fastest-growing infectious disease concern in the U.S. and that the best way to prevent infection is prompt and proper tick removal.

In addition to removing ticks and cleaning the bite area with soap, water and a disinfectant, it’s a good idea to keep the tick for identification and possible testing. TickEase.com also has an identification section that can help lovers of the outdoors and pets to identify the most common ticks and the illnesses they transmit.

For more information on ticks, tick-borne illnesses, or to purchase TickEase (MSRP $11.99) visit www.tickease.com. You can also follow them on Facebook for frequent updates or visit their Vimeo site for informative videos on ticks and tick removal.


Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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