Skeeter WX2060 Big Rig for Bigger Water


Skeeter WX2060 Big Rig for Bigger Water

By Craig Lamb

Veteran walleye tournament pro Dean Arnoldussen has a lot to like about the Skeeter WX2060, including the chance to help Skeeter engineers enhance the already proven design of the big water deep V multi-species boat.

Arnoldussen, the winner of the 2017 Cabela’s® National Walleye Tour Championship, has a long resume of top finishes spanning two decades. His success comes by spending more time than the average angler, fishing under the most demanding fishing and weather conditions.

“There is so much to like about the hull design of the WX2060,” he said. “By moving the deadrise further back, we made the ride in rough water even better.”

Deadrise is the angle forming between the boat bottom and the horizontal plane at either side of the keel. That angle is flattest at the transom and gradually increases toward the bow, forming the “V” shape of the hull. It slices through waves while maintaining stability at the rear where passengers sit.

“With the WX2060 the waves are pushed farther away from the boat for an even smoother, drier ride,” explained Arnoldussen.

Walleye anglers also require overly abundant interior space and storage, and the WX2060 latest edition comes with more of both.

“We suggested replacing the two rear jump seats with additional storage space,” he said. “Now, I can fit up to 16 of the Plano® 3700 utility boxes for all my terminal tackle.”

Arnoldussen highly values the WX2060’s overall interior storage.

Skeeter WX2060 Big Rig for Bigger Water

“Tournament anglers, guides, and serious walleye anglers will appreciate the storage,” he explained. “I like to bring everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to tackle, and I can do that with this boat.”

Needing as much storage as possible is necessitated by the variety of tackle needed in today’s specialized world of walleye fishing. Bait rigs, lures, and terminal tackle all take up space and so do trolling, casting and spinning rods.

“I never worry about leaving anything behind because it’s all in the boat,” he said.

Another feature he likes—that is exclusive to Skeeter—is the revolutionary REACT KEEL that complements the peace of mind and dry ride offered by the deep-V hull. REACT KEEL in windy conditions tracks the hull in a straighter line to resist torque steer and crosswinds.

“The boat tracks straighter without bow swing, which is a must when you are trolling with the kicker engine or trolling motor,” he explained.

“I troll a lot of spinners, and the optimal speed is around one mph,” he continued. “With the REACT KEEL, I can troll that speed and keep the boat and baits running straight.”

Keeping baits running straight is important as the angler trolls the boat over precise contours or bottom breaks where walleye hold in offshore water. A precise presentation is a must, just like it is for fishing vertically over suspended fish.

“Up front on the trolling motor I can stay right over a piece of bottom cover, keep my bait in the strike zone,” said Arnoldussen.

The Skeeter WX2060 is 20′ 6″ with a beam spanning 99″. Interior depth at the console is 25″ with a draft of 16″. Standard boat weight is 2,750 pounds, and maximum horsepower is 250 h.p.

The boat comes with these standard features:


  • Skeeter Built™ Trailer with Tandem Axles
  • 25 Gal. Insulated Stern Livewell/9 Gal Insulated Bow Baitwell
  • Center Rod Storage Box w/Mega Rod Tubes
  • Front Deck and Cockpit Rod Staze
  • Hamby’s Keel Protector
  • Infinity® stereo with four speakers
  • Lowrance® Elite Ti on Dash
  • Minn-Kota® 10×4 Charge
  • Minn-Kota® 112 Ulterra® US2 Trolling Motor w/iPilot®
  • Yamaha T9.9 Kicker Engine w/Remote Control


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