The .22 revolver is a great firearm to add to your range time!

There is one revolver every hunter and shooter should consider having in their stable of firearms in my opinion. Many times, it is simply overlooked.

Finesse Swim Bait Should Increase Your Summer Bass Catch

For more than two decades, big eight-, 10-, and 12-inch trout-imitation lures known as ‘swim baits’ have enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for catching huge largemouths

Punching’ Presentation Catches Bass in Heavy Cover

It may sound strange to some bass fishermen, but much of the time Jared Lintner is happy to get seven or eight strikes a day, even when his competitors are getting 20 to 30 strikes.

West Coast style Bass Fishing with Justin Lucas

Yamaha Pro Justin Lucas brought West Coast style bass fishing to the East Coast to win his second Bassmaster® Elite Series event in as many years.

Dennis “Spanky” Hill Named the 2016 Recipient

Dennis “Spanky” Hill Named the 2016 Recipient of the Perpetual Gulf Legends Award Child actor Spanky McFarland brought laughter, energy, compassion and devoted friendship


  COTTON PATCH WINS 20TH ANNUAL MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST BILLFISH CLASSIC WITH 633-POUND BLUE MARLIN     Biloxi, Mississippi: It was the ideal formula for success. With 81 of the top boats in the sport, more than $1.7 million dollars at stake and excellent fishing combined with perfect weather, the prize money had to be […]

Confidence, Past History Led Tharp to First Elite Title

  Confidence, Past History Led Tharp to First Elite Title Earlier Success on Other Ozark Lakes Gave Yamaha Pro Lure Choice, Location   Whenever you’re fishing a lake you’ve never been on before, look for cover or structure that lets you fish your favorite lure and technique and gives you confidence. That’s the advice of […]

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