The .22 revolver is a great firearm to add to your range time!


The .22 revolver is a great firearm to add to your range time!

By Darren Shepard

There is one revolver every hunter and shooter should consider having in their stable of firearms in my opinion. Many times, it is simply overlooked. Small game hunters, target shooters, experts and beginners will enjoy the versatility of the simple .22 revolver plus the great benefits it will add to your range time.

First, it is a solid firearm to learn to shoot revolvers correctly and accurately.  Practicing with the .22 Revolver is a great way to work on your shooting skills since it provides little recoil, enables the opportunity for easy shooting and much more. This is a great firearm to safely train a new shooter. Practice makes perfect and the more you shoot your .22 revolver, your accuracy with the bigger “hand cannons” will increase significantly. It is a lot of fun to shoot!

Secondly, a there are a lot of different ammunition choices as well. Personally, I do not view the .22 LR as a great self-defense caliber and my focus on ammunition is for target shooting and other specific needs. Though .22 ammo costs have really increased over the past few years, a box of .22 LR is still less expensive than a typical box of  38 or .357 Magnum when heading to the practice range. Many .22 LR revolvers shoot ammunition from .22 Short, Long rifle, sub-sonic loads, and .22 SHOT Shell loads. The shot shell loads, though controversial to some shooters, is an interesting choice in case you have no other option to eliminate a snake or certain small varmints. Most semi-auto .22 pistols cannot shoot this diversity of ammo.

With the .22 LR rifle revolver, you can typically shoot all of these loads making it effective, efficient and a great tool to have around the deer camp and farm. Plus, many hunters have a .22 rifle in their gun safe for small game hunting and target practice. Adding a .22 LR revolver makes a great combination for so many reasons.

There are many .22 Revolvers on the market, and many will fit the bill. For me, the Heritage .22 LR with the additional cylinder to shoot. .22 Magnums (why not?) was a great choice.  I wanted to add one to my shooting options but was not interested in spending a ton of cash.  The Heritage .22 was very efficient on the wallet, provides great ammo versatility and it just looks good!   I have a single action 6- shot revolver with a six -inch barrel. The .22 LR version costs anywhere from around $100.00 to $129.00 and models with the extra .22 Magnum cylinder included may run as high as $179.00. I have seen prices vary considerably depending on the retailer, options, time of year and other factors.

After shooting about 50 rounds to “break it in,” I was consistently hitting three shot- 1 ½ inch groups at 20 feet. It takes a little practice and the more I shot, the better the results. I shoot shotguns and rifles most of the time and do not shoot revolvers or pistols nearly as much. I was very pleased with these first-time results.  In fact, now that I have my Heritage .22 LR revolver, I know my shooting skills will improve because I will be shooting it a lot more!

Don’t overlook the .22 revolver. It is practical, convenient, cost effective and most importantly, a lot of fun!


Original Source:  Sportsmans


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