Tidewater Boats’ opens new environment-friendly manufacturing facility


Tidewater Boats’ opens new environment-friendly manufacturing facility

By Sam Rutherford


Tidewater Boats is ramping up for the summertime boating season with a new manufacturing facility at their new location in Lexington, S.C. The facility spans 150,000 square feet and is unlike any other in the industry.

What makes the facility unique is the solar panel technology housed on the roof. The environmentally friendly footprint and solar technology allow the heating and air conditioning to be climate controlled. That is a significant benefit in summer when daytime temperatures reach 100 degrees in the midlands area of the state. The company’s 200 employees work in a more comfortable environment and consistent temperatures in the manufacturing of the boats.

Tidewater Boats’ opens new environment-friendly manufacturing facility

The expansion and upgrades come as a result of Tidewater Boats’ growth in the center console market, encompassing boats from 18- 32-feet in overall length. All of the boats will be built within the new facility.

Tidewater Boats has four different lines of boats that fit the needs of every type of boater. The CC Adventure is among of the lineup with models ranging from the 32′ 2″ 320 CC Adventure to the 18-foot 180 CC Adventure. The CC Adventure Series is designed with the fisherman in mind, offering a comfortable dry ride, and the ability to add options to suit the needs of the boater.

The next center console in the lineup is the LXF Series which in standard with more seating than the adventure series. The LXF series ranges from the 252 LXF down to the 210 LXF at 20′ 10″. The LXF Series combines classic comfort and fishing features to make it a family-friendly favorite. Plentiful seating, storage, and standard features make it an all-around ideal choice for families.

The Carolina Bay series offers models ranging from 22ft. To 27 ft.  This unique bay model provides customers with a large casting platform but also has room for recessed bow seating.  The Carolina Bay series is a unique line that is second to none when providing families with a multiple purpose bay boat that can handle rough water.


The BayMax lineup features the 24′ 10″ 2410, down to the 1910 BayMax at 19′ 2″. Designed with the traditional bay boat features in mind, the Bay Max Series offers much more room then your classic bay boat style and has a much more rounded front bow that allows an extremely large casting platform for multiple people to fish off of. Shallow water draft and multiple standard Livewell’s make this boat a great choice for many customers.

In business since 2006, Tidewater Boats are built on a foundation of performance, not only defined by speed and economy, but also by comfort, stability, and durability. The Carolina Flair is a standout feature, diverting water off and away from the bow to keep you dry on the roughest days!

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